As the famous quote says “Success always hugs you in private but failure always slaps you in public”, one should never take it to heart.One must not get disappointed but rather work on it again and again till one achieves success.There are many examples of how people get  disappointed when they don’t taste success in the first attempt itself.For instance, consider Walt Disney who was fired from a news paper company just because he was not creative enough but now he is the  creator of famous cartoon character Mickey Mouse. So whenever a person fails the first time or if his talent is not been recognised, one should not degrade himself but rather think about what made them fail and what made those people not recognise your talent.In this way he would be able to analyse his strengths and weakness and would know about oneself in a better way than before.

In contrast to the above method of analysing, many people take their examples in the wrong way.I would like to tell a story of my friend who was weak in studies and fails most of the time. He never made an attempt to analyse his thoughts as to why he was failing but rather  use examples of personalities such as Bill Gates who didn’t graduate ,the famous mathematician Ramanujan who failed in science subjects and so on and hence formed a false notion about his future.Days and years have passed by, but his thoughts still remain the same.He did not realise that he was fooling himself by thinking that he could become one of great scientist by doing nothing and also fooling others by giving examples of famous personalities and just shutting them up.When he saw his own classmates and friends working very hard to get good grades and getting settled in a well paid jobs, he was shocked that he couldn’t get into any good job as he is Bill Gates in his thoughts.He landed up no where and started thinking as to how those people achieved success  and why is he not getting the same kind of success.He started reading about famous people who have achieved success and found out that ”SUCCESS CANNOT BE ACHIEVED WITHOUT HARD WORK AND DEDICATION”.He never completely knew the stories of these people until that day and realised how foolish he was.He then started working on what he wanted to become and  though he might have faced a tough time during that process he was finally successful.

This kind of mistake is made by many teenagers who use examples of famous personalities as an escapism from studying or doing what is required . It is very important for them to know completely about those people rather than sticking on to one fact which they know.Hence it is very important to guide them in the right path and whenever a person talks about something on which he only has half or no knowledge, then any other elderly person should take up the responsibilty to guide them in the right way, should counsel them and also help them in achieving success.

We humans make several mistakes in our life. We have been taught from our childhood to always be careful in whatever we do and do not get ourselves into trouble, but once we get into our teens we ignore all those values and do what we want which would get most of us into huge trouble and later we regret about it. Well !! Don’t worry. You are not the only one who has regrets. Life gives us several opportunities to forget the past and move on and not to repeat the same mistake again and again. In this blog I would like to share few real life incidents of few people which bought them down, but they have faced it, got out of the depression and are on the right track now. I would be elated and appreciate if anyone is interested in sharing their own experience so that it might help other people who are facing the same problem.