This is a story of a girl who is bound by several factors and stuck in a place where she cannot go left and neither can go right . A situation where if chosen to go right , she can never see the face of left and vice- versa.

One direction side is not capable to handling any more of the girls talks and other direction is pissed off and hates the girl .The girl loves both the directions , but is helpelss and no one cares. She cannot take the thought of choosing one direction and probaly as a last hope , prays and waits for some miracle to happen .


But in this wait , she might loose the other direction , and is just sulking in sadness. Guess this is what helplessness means . The girl has metioned that she needs to go to both directions ,but is always failing again and again at the risk of lives .





Situations do not always look the same as we see. There is a lot more into it.People have many intentions in mind, speak something but expect something to test the real nature.

However, we fall into a trap that we do not see what they are expecting, rather only see and listen to what they speak. A bit of more thought before answering could save many fights and many misunderstandings.Here is a story:

A girl promised a guy that she would take about him to her parents.Many misunderstandings happened in between which lead to disturbances which the guy didn’t want and it lead to fights between both sides. In an anger, the girl went into another relation which was wrong. She could not give her best in it, she was stuck in the memories of the past, that nothing in present was being liked by her, but rather created a hatred. This situation could have been avoided, if the girl waited, took some time to think etc. She thought that the guy would never come back and never care about her, but to her surprise, she was shocked by the care. She somehow got out of the new relation, as she didn’t like it and went through a lot. She lost her character in the process as the new guy says many things like “Bitch” and the old guy too.

She struggles very hard in that time, however she wanted to settle things with the old guy and told the truth.He hated her so much that she felt she had no right to live anymore.However, she had to live for the sake of living.This time, she promised him that she would set things and wait for him. She really meant it.However, she did not have guts to tell this truth at home and was scared, confused etc.She felt suffocated.However, she kept it all to herself and was being normal.

The boy started getting impatient as he did not want to waste any more of his life on this stupid girl and her baseless decisions, thus pressurized the girl to tell something fast.After lot of fights and arguments, this girl decided to meet her parents directly and talk.However, looking at the situations, she could not utter a word. She fell into confusion again , by slowly starting the topic, ending it and so on.She told the guy about the situation, but the got furious,angry, cheated etc. He was already angry on me that she went into an other relation and felt cheated. She begged for forgiveness, which he did forgive, but she always felt that he never accepted her mistake.All these things popped up in the guy’s head and he started thinking that the girl was fooling around with him.

She could not bear it and decided to speak up everything with her mother.She did not want anyone’s else’s involvement.However, as expected that’s not how things worked. Everyone was called and she had to explain everything,i.e how many times and she spoke with him, went near him, etc etc and also told why he was angry.She requested that the family speak with him.However, meanwhile, the phone kept on ringing and flooding with the guy’s texts. Though the girl told don’t text, the guy was out of control.

These out of control messages were against the girl, which she could bear and explain.However, other people look at things in a different perspective and the phone was taken away from her.Parents were shattered seeing the messages the girl sent him and also the girl was called names like “Bitch” ,”only sexual desires” etc etc etc .The girl was devastated.She shut herself.

However, a well-wisher, who just had a rough idea on what was happening, wanted to know both versions and since he should not feel biased, that well-wisher went to the guy’s place to talk normally.The well-wisher was only expecting to see the guy’s behavior and was ready to convince the girl’s parents too, as the well-wisher knew the guy as well.They spoke long and all  the girl heard was ” The guy never said he liked the girl.” The guy never said” Yes, she is playing etc etc, however the guy wanted to have her a clarity and he likes the girl and wanted to make sure that the girl is strong”.

Rather, the information given to the girl was that ” He only kept showing proofs and never told that he liked the girl “. Now this shattered the girl again. She anyways lost everything from family side, just was on a hope that he liked her. However, looks like the guy hated her so much that he didn’t care anymore.

The girl spoke nothing as she is not knowing what to speak. She wants to discuss with the guy, which was told to her family, however everyone is against. Whatever it may be, she didn’t fake her promises as she changed long back. However the guy is having tough time understanding the girl and hates her to the peak. This girl still has a hope that the guy would come and all she wants is for him to act in front of people who come from her side and other things will just fall in place. But the guy just wants to talk the way he likes. The girl likes it, however the guy does not understand that the girl loves him, but if there are situations out of her control, the guy should convey his frustration in a better way.

Thus , Thinking before why the opposite person comes to us and talks about a matter is very important and then answering rather than just answering the way we feel. The other persons are not our family to understand whatever we blabber. Sometimes, we need to act good to make an impression and then deal with the person directly with the issues rather than dealing with everyone. The girl just waits in “HOPE”.