Floods that shook the nation


Why Nature Why???? Just because people are showing their cruelty on nature by polluting it, cutting down trees and many more , nature is also showing its own effect. The very latest incident is the heavy rainfall which occurred in Chennai- (one of the metropolitan city of India) leading to floods which has bought people’s routine life to a halt.

Catastrophic events happen suddenly,but with the technology we use in this 21st century, it is quite possible to predict the events.People work in NASA and ISRO studying about the satellite images. Weather forecasting is done and showed in news everyday.So , it is quite possible that people working here  might have noticed the satellite images and also might have  predicted these rains. As usual these heavy rain predictions would be forecasted on news, yet many people of Chennai are suffering. Now whom is to  blame?? Is the the weather predictors, the news channels or the people??? Well all of them have an equal share.

Even if news channels forecast the news repeatedly, we people living in this generation have become so selfish and so occupied in our own lives that we do not even bother about other things. For instance, if a news is being told about a robbery in neighbourhood, we are actually happy  that it did not happen in our house . We are not even sad about about happened to others, how much money they lost and all but rather relieved and thank god that we are safe. This can be related to people who  have not taken the news seriously and hence now suffering over there as the nature has shown its effect.There has been immensely heavy rainfall in the history of India.

If the roads and reservoirs and drainage system has been constructed in a proper way, there might not have been such a serious effect as it is now.One can see a lot of difference between the buildings constructed in 2000 and number of buildings in 2015.They are being constructed without a proper plan leaving no scope for water to drain or soak into land when it rains heavily.Hence the builders are also responsible for this situation.

Well , we can see that killing of nature, constructing buildings and roads without a proper plan of a good drain system and reservoirs and neglectance of people towards news and other people have all shown the effect of what Chennai is facing today.  Its time to wake up.Not only people of Chennai, but the whole nation needs to wake up, be aware of what is happening and donate at least some amount for the Chennai people. If you cant donate, at least pray for their safety and survival.