In this one way road called ”TIME” , no one can retrace his steps.When a man fretted away his  youth, these days are lost forever. If we take care of the minutes, the future will rake care of itself. Today is connected with tomorrow and tomorrows are related to weeks, months, and decades ahead.

”TIME AND TIDE WAIT FOR NONE” Human life is a tiny tide in the limitless vast ocean called time. We have to effectively turn this tide to our advantage, to tame the tyranny of time.

We need to give time to our loved ones special ones. People who say they were busy and could not spend some time are the ones who don’timet want to talk with you. So never make a mistake and wait for such people. Many people waste a lot of time may be years together for such persons, so it is advised to understand and realise the truth soon.

The same applies for everyone. When you need to special ones , it is always important make an effort to spend some time with them and make those moments memorable. No happiness is bigger than the one you get from your special ones and those moments will be remembered forever. So understanding the complexity of time, it is important to spend time with our loved ones and lead a happy life..