There is a quote which says”Live your life for you and not for anyone else. Don’t let the fear of judged, rejected or disliked stop you from being yourself.” But many people  do not follow this. They change or transform themselves into someone different and act like an other person just to satisfy others and fooling themselves. First thing a person must know is to accept himself for whoever he is. Accepting himself whether he is good or bad, whether he is right or wrong. Once one accepts himself, then he could easily overcome the fear of others and be confident for who he is.Accepting ourselves is about recognizing things that we are not proud of, and this is part of being human.

We all make mistakes and as we are humans we are always worried that how others think about us and live in the fear of being judged and start hating ourselves.This hatred fills us with a lot of negative feeling and guilt is one among them.Having guilt for the mistake we make is a good thing but living the entire life with that guilt would make it worse.For instance,at some point, we become ashamed of the nakedness of our souls and so we start to cover them up.At some point, we become afraid of judgemental eyes and people’ s whispers, and also at some point, we lose the ability to be free in ourselves because the fear of being unwanted or unworthy is too hard to overcome.So it concludes that guilt and fear go hand in hand. And many people tend to think that they are the only one who made a mistake and people would never accept him/ her again. Well, this kind of thinking has to be changed. Now that a person is guilty about doing a mistake he has to accept it as he cannot change the past, but as days pass on he must be strong and make sure he does not do the same kind of mistake again as that would be foolish.

We all make mistakes and many of us go down a path in our lives that can make us feel guilty later on when we finally realize our mistake. The key, however, is to realize the mistake and accept that you’re only human. Don’t engage in days, weeks or months of self-blame or battering your self-esteem because you should’ve known, should’ve acted differently, or should’ve been an ideal person. You’re not, and neither am I. That’s just life.