This is a story of a girl who is bound by several factors and stuck in a place where she cannot go left and neither can go right . A situation where if chosen to go right , she can never see the face of left and vice- versa.

One direction side is not capable to handling any more of the girls talks and other direction is pissed off and hates the girl .The girl loves both the directions , but is helpelss and no one cares. She cannot take the thought of choosing one direction and probaly as a last hope , prays and waits for some miracle to happen .


But in this wait , she might loose the other direction , and is just sulking in sadness. Guess this is what helplessness means . The girl has metioned that she needs to go to both directions ,but is always failing again and again at the risk of lives .





Situations do not always look the same as we see. There is a lot more into it.People have many intentions in mind, speak something but expect something to test the real nature.

However, we fall into a trap that we do not see what they are expecting, rather only see and listen to what they speak. A bit of more thought before answering could save many fights and many misunderstandings.Here is a story:

A girl promised a guy that she would take about him to her parents.Many misunderstandings happened in between which lead to disturbances which the guy didn’t want and it lead to fights between both sides. In an anger, the girl went into another relation which was wrong. She could not give her best in it, she was stuck in the memories of the past, that nothing in present was being liked by her, but rather created a hatred. This situation could have been avoided, if the girl waited, took some time to think etc. She thought that the guy would never come back and never care about her, but to her surprise, she was shocked by the care. She somehow got out of the new relation, as she didn’t like it and went through a lot. She lost her character in the process as the new guy says many things like “Bitch” and the old guy too.

She struggles very hard in that time, however she wanted to settle things with the old guy and told the truth.He hated her so much that she felt she had no right to live anymore.However, she had to live for the sake of living.This time, she promised him that she would set things and wait for him. She really meant it.However, she did not have guts to tell this truth at home and was scared, confused etc.She felt suffocated.However, she kept it all to herself and was being normal.

The boy started getting impatient as he did not want to waste any more of his life on this stupid girl and her baseless decisions, thus pressurized the girl to tell something fast.After lot of fights and arguments, this girl decided to meet her parents directly and talk.However, looking at the situations, she could not utter a word. She fell into confusion again , by slowly starting the topic, ending it and so on.She told the guy about the situation, but the got furious,angry, cheated etc. He was already angry on me that she went into an other relation and felt cheated. She begged for forgiveness, which he did forgive, but she always felt that he never accepted her mistake.All these things popped up in the guy’s head and he started thinking that the girl was fooling around with him.

She could not bear it and decided to speak up everything with her mother.She did not want anyone’s else’s involvement.However, as expected that’s not how things worked. Everyone was called and she had to explain everything,i.e how many times and she spoke with him, went near him, etc etc and also told why he was angry.She requested that the family speak with him.However, meanwhile, the phone kept on ringing and flooding with the guy’s texts. Though the girl told don’t text, the guy was out of control.

These out of control messages were against the girl, which she could bear and explain.However, other people look at things in a different perspective and the phone was taken away from her.Parents were shattered seeing the messages the girl sent him and also the girl was called names like “Bitch” ,”only sexual desires” etc etc etc .The girl was devastated.She shut herself.

However, a well-wisher, who just had a rough idea on what was happening, wanted to know both versions and since he should not feel biased, that well-wisher went to the guy’s place to talk normally.The well-wisher was only expecting to see the guy’s behavior and was ready to convince the girl’s parents too, as the well-wisher knew the guy as well.They spoke long and all  the girl heard was ” The guy never said he liked the girl.” The guy never said” Yes, she is playing etc etc, however the guy wanted to have her a clarity and he likes the girl and wanted to make sure that the girl is strong”.

Rather, the information given to the girl was that ” He only kept showing proofs and never told that he liked the girl “. Now this shattered the girl again. She anyways lost everything from family side, just was on a hope that he liked her. However, looks like the guy hated her so much that he didn’t care anymore.

The girl spoke nothing as she is not knowing what to speak. She wants to discuss with the guy, which was told to her family, however everyone is against. Whatever it may be, she didn’t fake her promises as she changed long back. However the guy is having tough time understanding the girl and hates her to the peak. This girl still has a hope that the guy would come and all she wants is for him to act in front of people who come from her side and other things will just fall in place. But the guy just wants to talk the way he likes. The girl likes it, however the guy does not understand that the girl loves him, but if there are situations out of her control, the guy should convey his frustration in a better way.

Thus , Thinking before why the opposite person comes to us and talks about a matter is very important and then answering rather than just answering the way we feel. The other persons are not our family to understand whatever we blabber. Sometimes, we need to act good to make an impression and then deal with the person directly with the issues rather than dealing with everyone. The girl just waits in “HOPE”.



Mistakes which cost your life

I would like to share my own story . I made plenty of mistakes with the person whom I love and with the person who kept his whole soul and heart for my happiness . I’m a loser and a very cruel person and I guess no person in this world would do the mistakes I do .

How do I start ? Where do I start ?? Well I love this guy Vampire , and I enjoy his company . He keeps me happy , cheers me up and eveything was going fine . But I end up texting other guys in between just for casual talks . This foolish act of mine ruined my entire life . My boyfriend was puzzled as to why I had to text other guys when he is the love of my life , but I did a few and never knew the intensity or seriousness of it .

Later stages of my life , I confessed at my home about my boyfriend and it lead to certain family disturbances . I should have been mature enough to handle such situations but I was not , I rather shouted on my boyfriend , kept fights with him , but deep down my head I really love him. My fights irritated him , but I never had any intentions to hurt him , I really really love him till date , but in that moment with those emotions governed by my parents tears , I kept on fighting with my boyfriend .

It was his darkest phase of his life where I should have supported him , but rather I kept fighting and those turned ugly and ended up in a very bad break up . I was angry on him , very angry . My anger took over the love I had towards him . Couple of months passed by , like 3 months and I started replying to a guy who liked me . Even though I haven’t yet moved on , I somehow liked the feeling of someone consoling me , and I have entered a relationship with this guy . This was the guy whom I texted in between , when I had my boyfriend .  This act of mine , created a sort of shock to my ex boyfriend , as we broke up by then , but then we spoke upon this topic . I kept lying to him , becasue I was just angry over the break up , and I continued the relationship with a new guy . I never liked his company , but I was just smiling and laughing and talking good which gave the perception that I was happy . I was parallely texting my ex too over what could be done to fix the broken relationship .

Months passed by , and I was feeling very bad about what I was doing . I was neither loyal to my ex where I was talking about patching up the relation and neither was I loyal to this guy with whom I entered a relationship . I wanted to tell my ex about what I did and I wanted to clear things out . So I flew down to his place and told about this new relationship and also I told that I actually wanted to patch up the relation with him , rather than continue with the new relation . This made him furious , and I lost the entire respect I had .

I decided to abruptly end up the new relation as well since I never liked his company , but I never told him so . This made him furious as well , since he didn’t like the idea of me getting back to my ex leaving him and he felt he was being used to fill up the void feeling I had after the break up .

With these mistakes , I have lost the love of my life whom I really love , but I did a very bad mistake which made him loose trust on me and he feels betrayed . And as for the other person , I made him loose belief in a relationship.

I never wish to loose my love, but it’s gone . Heart once broken cannot be fixed , and for me to get over all this , it’s going to take a life time . I do not want to loose my love , but there are so many other family disturbances due to which I lost my love once and then I love my love again due to  my mistake of entering a relation and now I do not know if my love would ever accept me back again and trust me ?

Relations , Trust , Love and Promises , they are the most beautiful things and most delicate things in a persons emotional side . Once broken , it would cost a life time to get them back . Mistakes I made are very costly and I hope this story of mine would help few who are reading to understand the value of Love and Trust .

I still hope life gives me a second chance and I shall wait for that opportunity.



What breaks trust ? What makes people change ?

Many incidents in life mould a person into a good person or a bad person . Few people just say words to harm others but they will not have any intentions of doing that , but the other person who listens to these harsh words tend to believe that the person is cruel minded , even though he is soft hearted . There are many misunderstandings which make people get a wrong perception about others and it increases the gap between those two persons to such an extent that it changes them and makes them loose trust in others .

But what if the other person is given a second chance ? Why do people hesitate to give a second chance to correct their flaws ? Life is hard , everyone expects a person to be perfect and if he / she cannot meet the other persons expectations , the entire life in front of him takes a different turn .

Floods that shook the nation


Why Nature Why???? Just because people are showing their cruelty on nature by polluting it, cutting down trees and many more , nature is also showing its own effect. The very latest incident is the heavy rainfall which occurred in Chennai- (one of the metropolitan city of India) leading to floods which has bought people’s routine life to a halt.

Catastrophic events happen suddenly,but with the technology we use in this 21st century, it is quite possible to predict the events.People work in NASA and ISRO studying about the satellite images. Weather forecasting is done and showed in news everyday.So , it is quite possible that people working here  might have noticed the satellite images and also might have  predicted these rains. As usual these heavy rain predictions would be forecasted on news, yet many people of Chennai are suffering. Now whom is to  blame?? Is the the weather predictors, the news channels or the people??? Well all of them have an equal share.

Even if news channels forecast the news repeatedly, we people living in this generation have become so selfish and so occupied in our own lives that we do not even bother about other things. For instance, if a news is being told about a robbery in neighbourhood, we are actually happy  that it did not happen in our house . We are not even sad about about happened to others, how much money they lost and all but rather relieved and thank god that we are safe. This can be related to people who  have not taken the news seriously and hence now suffering over there as the nature has shown its effect.There has been immensely heavy rainfall in the history of India.

If the roads and reservoirs and drainage system has been constructed in a proper way, there might not have been such a serious effect as it is now.One can see a lot of difference between the buildings constructed in 2000 and number of buildings in 2015.They are being constructed without a proper plan leaving no scope for water to drain or soak into land when it rains heavily.Hence the builders are also responsible for this situation.

Well , we can see that killing of nature, constructing buildings and roads without a proper plan of a good drain system and reservoirs and neglectance of people towards news and other people have all shown the effect of what Chennai is facing today.  Its time to wake up.Not only people of Chennai, but the whole nation needs to wake up, be aware of what is happening and donate at least some amount for the Chennai people. If you cant donate, at least pray for their safety and survival.


In this one way road called ”TIME” , no one can retrace his steps.When a man fretted away his  youth, these days are lost forever. If we take care of the minutes, the future will rake care of itself. Today is connected with tomorrow and tomorrows are related to weeks, months, and decades ahead.

”TIME AND TIDE WAIT FOR NONE” Human life is a tiny tide in the limitless vast ocean called time. We have to effectively turn this tide to our advantage, to tame the tyranny of time.

We need to give time to our loved ones special ones. People who say they were busy and could not spend some time are the ones who don’timet want to talk with you. So never make a mistake and wait for such people. Many people waste a lot of time may be years together for such persons, so it is advised to understand and realise the truth soon.

The same applies for everyone. When you need to special ones , it is always important make an effort to spend some time with them and make those moments memorable. No happiness is bigger than the one you get from your special ones and those moments will be remembered forever. So understanding the complexity of time, it is important to spend time with our loved ones and lead a happy life..

There is a quote which says”Live your life for you and not for anyone else. Don’t let the fear of judged, rejected or disliked stop you from being yourself.” But many people  do not follow this. They change or transform themselves into someone different and act like an other person just to satisfy others and fooling themselves. First thing a person must know is to accept himself for whoever he is. Accepting himself whether he is good or bad, whether he is right or wrong. Once one accepts himself, then he could easily overcome the fear of others and be confident for who he is.Accepting ourselves is about recognizing things that we are not proud of, and this is part of being human.

We all make mistakes and as we are humans we are always worried that how others think about us and live in the fear of being judged and start hating ourselves.This hatred fills us with a lot of negative feeling and guilt is one among them.Having guilt for the mistake we make is a good thing but living the entire life with that guilt would make it worse.For instance,at some point, we become ashamed of the nakedness of our souls and so we start to cover them up.At some point, we become afraid of judgemental eyes and people’ s whispers, and also at some point, we lose the ability to be free in ourselves because the fear of being unwanted or unworthy is too hard to overcome.So it concludes that guilt and fear go hand in hand. And many people tend to think that they are the only one who made a mistake and people would never accept him/ her again. Well, this kind of thinking has to be changed. Now that a person is guilty about doing a mistake he has to accept it as he cannot change the past, but as days pass on he must be strong and make sure he does not do the same kind of mistake again as that would be foolish.

We all make mistakes and many of us go down a path in our lives that can make us feel guilty later on when we finally realize our mistake. The key, however, is to realize the mistake and accept that you’re only human. Don’t engage in days, weeks or months of self-blame or battering your self-esteem because you should’ve known, should’ve acted differently, or should’ve been an ideal person. You’re not, and neither am I. That’s just life.

Confusion between love and attraction

Many people get confused between what is love and what is liking and what is attraction?? In our teens all  of us have experienced this and also got trapped in these three words without differentiating what is what. Well this is the main reason why so many people break up and again patch up  or at the end become strangers and what not. There will be so many people around us confusing us , distracting us and we end up doing stupid things which we feel that it is right at that time. Attraction is the only thing which many people confuse for love. For instance, when a girl looks beautiful or when a guy is handsome  then the girl starts dreaming of that boy as how it would be if he was his boyfriend and similarly the boy  also thinks in the same way. Well!! Now it’s time to solve that confusion as people are committing many mistakes in this mixed confusion of feelings.

I would like to share a story of a girl who was also confused between love and attraction just like many other teens. The girl used to like every boy she found attractive including movie stars , celebrities and even her classmates but she just kept all those feeling wishing her because as soon as she finds another handsome guy , she tends to forget the other guy and it went like that until one day the boy whom she found attractive has proposed her. She just accepted that proposal without thinking anything because she found him attractive at that moment and she had her dream of dating a boy and having a boyfriend is coming true. Well on the other side, even the boy who proposed that girl was also only attracted to this cute and beautiful girl and hence challenged his friends that he would propose her and had a bet with his friends. Since the girl accepted , he won the bet with his friends which the girl was unaware and inturn that boy became the hero of their so called gang.They bunked classes and had fun and did a lot of things.As days passed by, both got admission in different colleges and inturn they did made new friends . Now that girl found other boys attractive and to her surprise even they liked her a lot and even they got attracted and proposed her . She was confused what to do as she already had a boy friend in other college and in that confusion  she started roaming with them and got close to them and inturn forgot about her boyfriend. The same case happened with that boy also.After few days , when girl met that guy  , they had no sort of feelings for each other , they just met and had nothing for each other because now they were attracted to other people and hence they decided never to meet again because they had no reason to meet and had someone else in their lives.

Well, this kind of situation happens with many people  and most of the time do not understand what they are doing. When people get attracted or people like someone , they must be in control and do not get into any sort of relationships without understanding whether they are attracted to that person or whether they just like that person and in this confusion makes them think they love each other and just keep telling everyone that he/she is their life partner and get committed by taking hasty decision and  later  get bored of that person .  So whenever this kind of attraction or liking starts for a person , one must think twice or thrice before proposing or accepting a proposal and also think about whether they will have the same kind of feeling over years. So it is very important  for a person to first focus on his career and if at all he/she has same kind of feel on that particular person over years and doesn’t get attracted to any person  in between , then it would be a correct time for expressing his like or love for the other person and there would be no confusion between love and attraction .

As we all know “Good friends are hard to find, harder to lose and impossible to forget” , most of us break our friendship with others due to several stupid reasons without thinking. A true friendship which lasts for a lifetime is the greatest achievement one could ever achieve. Dealing with the emotions of people is probably one of the toughest thing in this world and inspite of several differences and misunderstandings , maintaining a bond of friendship without harming one other is very important . After all , true happiness found in money or any other thing lasts only for couple of years , but the happiness that we experience with people lasts forever.

People become friends when their thoughts match , or when they like to spend time with each other and so on. Usually people who think in the same way get close in a faster way than those who are quite different from them. As days pass , they  become more close and do not like anyone to come in between them . But , as places change, time changes we tend to make more friends and  tend to get close with the new people . This kind of change makes the other person insecure and leaves one broken and disappointed as one thinks that    he/she is losing his/her friend and one’s mind gets filled up with all kind of negative feelings such as envy, sadness, ego, and many more. With those thoughts, one does stupid things and that would lead them to hate each other forever.I would like to narrate a story of a girl who has actually ruined her friendship due to these negative feelings.

There were two girls Clara and Lara who were very close  and would share everything with each other. They enjoyed each other’s company . After their schooling , they had to drift apart to different places for their further education. Yet , they kept in touch through phone ,email and other electronic media . They used to meet during vacations. Everything was good, but as Clara made new friends at her college she didn’t really speak with Lara much and would only talk once in two weeks . This kind of change in Clara has hurt Lara a lot, because she was  her only friend and she felt lonely for many days. Lara could not take this anymore and hence she got a transfer letter form her college and joined Clara’s college. When she saw Clara having fun with her new friends, all these negative feelings like envy and jealousy has crept into her. She went near Clara and just shouted on her as to why did she change and why was she not talking to her like before and just slapped her and went away.This insult which has happened to Clara in front of so many people was unbearable and hence she started hating Lara for slapping her in front of her friends . She started avoiding her and this increased the distance and hatred between two of them. Lara had made a plan of getting close with Clara again by making her new friends hate her. Lara became close with those girls and with her plans and ways she somehow separated them with Clara. Clara was dumbstruck and was shocked as to why her friends were not talking with her .Lara now goes near Clara,consoles her and tells her that she will always  be with her and tell her not to trust those girls. By her evil plans, she gets close to her friend again and never let her drift apart from her.

As days passed, she started feeling guilty for what she has done. She could not take that guilt and told her mom the whole incident . Lara’s mom never imagined that her daughter would do such a big mistake and counselled her that friendship doesn’t  mean that they both must always stick together. Just as how our thoughts and priorities change , everyone’s priorities change. When Clara  doesn’t give her much time, it doesn’t mean that Clara has forgot about her and didn’t care about her anymore. It only means that she has made her choice and that she  will always remember you in her memories.No matter where we are, our friends wil always be with us in trouble and help us. If Clara enjoys being with other people, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy being with Lara anymore. It’s just that that  Clara has become busy and is making new friends to help her in her studies or for several reasons.Lara realised how foolish she was, and went back near Clara and apologised her and also apologised to Clara’s friends and never repeated such behaviour.Just because Lara did not get the attention she wanted, she could not control her emotions and went in a wrong direction to get back Clara’s attention. If Lara had thought with an open mind that she might be busy or that she isn’t finding much time to put an electronic message everyday due to her busy schedule and analysed Clara’s situation with a postive mind , then she could have avoided doing such a foolish thing.

Well , it was a very small story, but these kind of negative feelings like envy , greed and so on drives us to do many foolish things . When anyone of out friend gets a good score or becomes successful in life or earns a lot of money, we tend to become  jealous and try to destroy our own friendship ,Also if our friend doesn’t treat us and  does not  give us much importance , we tend to do the same with them. Our brain  is getting corrupted with these kind of thoughts and it wil lead us in doing many big mistakes such a murders too.  When a person is feeling insecure or is jealous of other person, he is not able to accept that the other person is better than him/her. When a person is able to accepts others success and talent , he would consider it as an inspiration and these negative thoughts do not drive us then.One must try to control our emotions and never let the negative thoughts drive us. A good postive mind always keeps us happy and also helps us in maintaining  the bonds of relations in a very good way.